Hello, we are

We call what we do Experience Design,

the broad design discipline of digital strategy,

user experience and interaction design

and we're here to join the dots.

A Little Bit About Us

We use design thinking to solve business problems and we help brands walk the talk – because in branding, good experience is everything.


Think big

We specialise in digital strategy, user experience, interaction design, design research and new product development. We create and develop digital experiences across multiple channels and we work from concept through to delivery.

Start small

We solve business problems using 'design thinking' and we're ultra-collaborative and iterative. We employ agile and user-centered design practices to help our clients develop, iterate and fine tune their products, services and experiences.

Scale fast

We work where brands, people and technology come together on screen and in real life, for business-to-consumer and business-to-business contexts. We've designed banks, websites and apps, data visualisations, internal coms - all sorts.

Some of Our Work

Our Beliefs

  • 1

    Insight driven design

    Insight, understanding and empathy are the bedrock of good design and design research is a fundamental component of what we do. 

  • 2

    Joining the Dots

    We work where people and brands come together and strive to ensure that no matter which channel a customer uses, they get the experience they deserve.

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    Elegant Simplicity

    If it has no purpose, it has no purpose being there. We make no excuse for our dedication to ensuring that our design work is as elegant as possible.

SomeOne/Else Blog

Our Services

At SomeOne/Else Experience Design is our tool for solving problems and bringing elegant products and services to the hands of people.

Much can be said about the various skills it requires to do this - and yes we have designers, thinkers, user experience practitioners, content strategists, technologists and so on.

However, we like to think of this complex orchestra of skills & experience simply as 'design'.

We believe that good design is a competitive advantage and we strongly believe that successful projects necessitate this understanding and collaboration between us and our clients.

We can never assume to know more about your customers or business than you do, but with our approach we bring the power of design thinking to bear.

The services we offer:

  • Digital Strategy

  • User Experience

  • Interaction design

  • Design research

  • Product development

  • Content Strategy

  • Information architecture

  • Brand development

  • Mobile

  • Web

  • Desktop


Our project stream shows what we're reading, pinning, visiting and tweeting while in the throes of a project. It shows what it's like to work with us and provides an insight into how it all comes together.